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Plastic Free July 2021

Sustainable Roanoke, along with its younger sibling, Valencina Sostenible, is joining other environmental organizations all over the world in the Plastic Free July challenge, encouraging individuals, organizations, companies, and governments to reduce and eventually eliminate single-use plastics, one of the greatest environmental sources of pollution nowadays.

Every day this month, we will post a new challenge for our members, a suggestion to change a small aspect of our lives. Will you join us? You can accept 1 challenge, 2, 10, or all of them. You can accept them for 24 hours, 1 week, 1 month, or the rest of your life. What matters is that you try and that you learn that change is possible, and that a small personal tweak to our habits can have an enormous impact if it’s taken up by many people on the planet.

And if you think it’s impossible, consider the slogan of the campaign that, years ago, sought to eradicate plastic straws, responsible for so much damage in many ecosystems: “It’s only one straw,” said 8 billion people.

Please join us! With a little help from each one of our members, we can generate the change our planet needs!

Our first challenge is, of course: Ditch the plastic straw! If you need to use one, you can easily find reusable metal or bamboo alternatives online.

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