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More Local Environmental Organizations

The Roanoke Valley Greenway Commission-


The Greenway Commission works with participating localities to promote the completion and expansion of the Greenway and to preserve open space.


Local Environmental Agriculture Project (LEAP) -


LEAP supports healthy, local food for all. LEAP manages two farmers' markets, a mobile market, a local food online marketplace, a farm share, a shared kitchen, and four community gardens. It also runs programs at the state, regional, and local levels that make healthy food affordable for underserved communities.


Mill Mountain Garden Club -


The Mill Mountain Garden Club actively advocates on state and national levels on climate change and environmental and climate change issues. One of Mill Mountain Garden Club’s community projects, the wildflower garden sits atop namesake Mill Mountain and adjacent to the Blue Ridge Parkway. The garden is two and one-half acres of land carefully planned, weeded, planted, and maintained by members since 1971. It is working to establish Roanoke as a Bee City USA.


Sierra Club, Roanoke Group -


The Roanoke Group of the Sierra Club addresses local environmental issues, with the transition away from fossil fuel dependency our top priority. 


Renewable Energy ad Electric Vehicle Association-


The Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicle Association (REEVA) is a Do-It-Yourself club to help members do solar/wind installations and build electric vehicles at project homes thus cutting the cost by removing labor.


Unitarian Universalist Church of Roanoke Green Team -


The Green Team is the environmental mission group of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Roanoke. Its purpose is to implement the Unitarian Universalist 7th Principal which reads “We affirm and promote respect for the independent web of all existence of which we are a part.”

Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation -


The Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation (BRPF) is the philanthropic partner of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Over the past 25 years, it has raised over 18 million dollars for the National Park Unit. They fund projects in education and outreach, historic preservation, culture and natural resource protection, and visitor amenities. BRPF also runs the Blue Ridge Music Center in Galax and the Kids in Parks program which is nationwide.

Sustainability Department, Carilion Hospital -


The department is responsible for the development, implementation, promotion, and monitoring of environmental strategies and goals across Carillion Clinic. These programs increase recycling and divert tens of thousands of waste from the landfill while educating and demonstrating the inextricable link between community health, the environment, and sustainability.


Clean Valley Council (CVC) -


CVC’s mission is to encourage environmental stewardship and lead the way towards a sustainable tomorrow by educating and inspiring those around us. CVC has provided environmental and outreach programs to area residents, local businesses, and students. CVC’s programs advocate for litter prevention, recycling, waste reduction, stormwater pollution prevention, and protection of natural resources.

Garden Vitals -


Founded in 2008, Garden Vitals provides consultation and information customized for each client. We work with all types of gardens, with a particular focus on native plant habitats. We believe that even the smallest yard can contribute to a healthier ecosystem for all of us. Whether your gardening interests are in native plants, or in ornamental landscaping, we can help you save money and garden smarter.


Second Presbyterian Church Green Team -


In May 2021, the Second Presbyterian Session approved a Sustainability Plan. The plan identifies sustainable practices for greening the church’s facilities, grounds, and maintenance. The Plan calls on the clergy, staff, and congregation, to integrate environmental stewardship

and climate justice throughout the life of the church.


Roanoke Area Interfaith Stewards of the Earth (RAISE) -


RAISE is dedicated to providing resources and leadership for local congregations seeking to live out their callings to care for creation and environmental justice. Their most successful efforts include their book club, the speakers bureau, and our efforts to use our voices to advocate for local environmental issues from a faith perspective (including the MVP, pedestrian safety, and water). RAISE is an affiliate of Virginia Interfaith Power and Light, a statewide environmental organization.


Bus Riders of Roanoke Advocacy Group (BRRAG) -


BRRAG seeks to honor, listen to, and advocate for those who ride the bus and bring attention to the issue of public transit in our area. Their goal is a bus system that truly is for everyone. 


Roanoke Outside/Roanoke Regional Partnership -


Roanoke Outside creates economic growth by leveraging natural assets to attract investment and talent. Through business attraction, signature outdoor events, strategic partnerships, social offerings, and infrastructure investment Roanoke Outside seeks to establish the Roanoke Region as a place where businesses want to locate and where people want to live.


Trees Roanoke -


Trees Roanoke is on a mission to support Roanoke City's urban forest by purchasing and growing trees for planting on city property and by supporting community education to illustrate the health, environmental, and economic benefits of our city trees.

We are an all-volunteer organization that works closely with the Roanoke Tree Stewards, a volunteer group trained and organized by the City of Roanoke Department of Parks and Recreation.

Roanoke City Sustainability Program -


The city of Roanoke has a long-standing commitment to sustainability, environmental protection, and equitable outcomes for its citizens. Through this program, the City hopes to strengthen connections with community partners in this mission, educate the public on sustainability issues, and discover new ways to better serve the community.


Th e beauty of our natural world. Each member of our organization, from our board members advancing our mission to the volunteers monitoring and cleaning up local waterways, is driven to preserve our natural space. We serve the City of Roanoke, Roanoke County, Salem, Vinton, Botetourt County, and Rockbridge County.

Over the last 40 years, we have brought together some of the area’s brightest minds to address environmental challenges and build support for addressing them. We foster collaboration between municipal agencies on issues ranging from stormwater pollution, renewable energy and recycling challenges to natural resources.


Our vision for the future is to expand this model to other communities in Virginia. We are always looking for champions within municipal agencies, schools, or businesses to help build a more sustainable Virginia one region at a time. Are you that champion? If so, message us to learn more or, better yet, schedule a visit to your community.

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