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PFJ 2021 ~ Wipe out the single-use wipe

Wet wipes sure are convenient. Until they are not. As, for example, when they help create a fatberg, because they are really not flushable. Or when they litter our streets and nature, where they may take up to 100 years to decompose, if they ever do, which remains to be seen, because wipes are made from plastic. And, at any rate, if they do break down, they release microfibers and microplastics, which are impossible to remove from the environment.

Humanity has survived for 99.99% of its existence without wet wipes. We can – we must – do without them again.

Here’s a suggestion to help you wipe them out of your life:

  • Cut up an old t-shirt into wipes the size you prefer.

  • In a glass jar, mix the ingredients you see in the image.

  • Add the wipes to the jar and keep in a convenient spot in your home.

  • When you use one, just wash it with the rest of your clothes!

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