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If you are overwhelmed by the complexity of plastic pollution and feel paralyzed, you are not alone. The fossil fuel industry, responsible for the production of plastics, has engaged in a successful, decades-long effort to mislead, confuse, and outright lie to people so that companies like Exxon or BP could continue to make as much money as possible at the expense of the entire planet with total impunity.

But the truth is finally being told and spread, and there are lots of good information out there if you want to learn more. Two good places to start are Break Free From Plastic and the Plastic Pollution Coalition, where you can find all kinds of electronic resources to learn and to teach about plastic pollution and its connection to global warming. If you are looking for books, check out this Plastic Pollution Coalition list.

And one final word of caution. The fossil fuel industry leaders will never stop trying to mislead us and are still using the same strategies that have served them so well until now. One of their latest attempts is through the creation of the seemingly praiseworthy Alliance to End Plastic Waste. Such a name would lead any normal person to believe that they mean well, but you should check out the list of members at the end: Among others, Dow, ExxonMobil, Formosa Plastics, Pepsico, and Shell – some of the companies that benefit the most from polluting the planet. Should we continue to believe that they want the best for everyone? Or have we had enough?

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