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PFJ 2021 ~ Don’t buy packaged fruits and veggies

Our hurried lifestyles sometimes lead us to make really bad decisions because we don’t realize what their consequences are. For someone who doesn’t have much time to spare, cut-up fruits and veggies may seem like a lifesaver. But here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Peeling and cutting fruits and vegetables can diminish their nutrition value.

  • Pre-cut fruits and vegetables are at higher risk for bacterial contamination.

  • And all that plastic packaging has a really high carbon footprint and is most likely not going to be recycled, because recycling facilities around the country do not have much use for it, so it will end up in landfills, releasing methane and contributing to global warming.

All in all, buying packaged fruits and vegetables, except for sporadically or for people who don’t have access to fresh whole produce, makes no sense for human health or for the planet. So, it’s best to avoid them. And, if you are ready to take one more step in the fight against single-use plastic, talk to the managers of your grocery store and ask them to stop carrying them. If enough of us do it, we’ll make it happen!

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