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Do the right thing! - Action Item #1

Many people keep contacting us about the next recycling events, but we simply cannot risk the health (or life!) of our volunteers and their families, so we must wait until the experts give us the green light and all restrictions are lifted.

In the meantime, super member Mim Young 🦸‍♀️has come up with an alternative!

She is going to create action items that we will post here to help you dispose of your items in a responsible manner, making sure that they get the extra life they can have! And it's super easy! So here we go: Action Item #1: Bring snack and candy wrappers, disposable cups/lids/straws (including small sauce containers), & coffee pods/creamer pods to the Terracycle collection bins available at First Team Subaru in Roanoke and Motor Mile Subaru in Christiansburg during business hours. ****IMPORTANT: You MUST wash and dry your items, and separate them into the 3 different categories.**** WE THANK YOU and are proud of our members for their conscientious actions to make our area greener and more sustainable. The future is in our hands, and it's up to us to make sure it's a great one!

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