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While the coronavirus pandemic is raging through the country and preventing us from taking in-person actions to improve our environment, we can still make a difference by signing and sharing online petitions. Some of them may not have much of an effect, but hey at least we can try!

We will be adding petitions from legitimate sources as we receive them. Please be advised that by the time you discover them it may be too late. If you learn about any expired petitions, or if you see any other errors, please let us know at

  • Don’t let the BLM weaken Sage-Grouse Conservation Plans. 

  • The rainforests of the Amazon, Congo and Indonesia are our last best line of defense against the climate crisis. But 17 corporations are making massive profits by driving their destruction & the violation of human rights.

  • Claudia Angulo's son was born with developmental delays after she was exposed to chlorpyrifos during her pregnancy. She's fighting for a ban on the pesticide.

  • End the commercial seal slaughter in Canada

  • EPA must have access to the best science available to keep us safe


And we need you!

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